Website Management

Website managementTo stay effective your website has to change constantly. Let us take care of updates and maintenance and leave you to get on with running your business.

4 good reasons to opt for a website management contract

  • Even if you are able to update your website yourself you are probably too busy to devote enough time to maintain it effectively.
  • Things change rapidly in the online world and your website can become out of date very quickly as trends in design and functionality change.
  • Small incremental changes keep your site up-to-date with changes in your business and avoid the need for an expensive and disruptive website rebuild every 2 or 3 years.
  • You need to ensure both that your website continues to perform well in search engines and that you have a social media network that promotes your services.

The complete package: website updates, SEO and social media

A contemporary and stylish website has to go hand in hand with search engine optimisation and a social media campaign – you can’t do one without the others. Our website management contracts include all three because there is no point in attracting new customers to an out-of-date website or having a great looking site that nobody visits.

Website updates

We make changes to the content of the website required by you such as adding new pages, rewriting content or adding and replacing images; and, with your agreement, we carry changes to design and functionality based on new trends in web design.

Search engine optimisation

We focus on keeping your website content well-written with powerful keywords so that it attracts links and keeps your site highly ranked in Google and other search engines. We will review the performance of your site each month and use the information to adjust and improve the website.

Social media marketing

Blogs and social media give businesses the opportunity to talk to customers and receive a response from them. These conversations can then lead to long-term relationships, more customers and increased sales.  We’ll get you up and running with a blog and with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts and show you how to use them to attract a following for your business.